Graphic Design

Nalu Melon Splash
Nalu has launched a new flavor, the Melon Splash. Check out underneath campaign artwork which could we seen through out multiple Belgian cities!
Nalu Original Puzzle
You might not always be able to fabricate anything you want, but everything is possible with photoshopt. This was a fun little april fools social media campaign to make!
DEUS Taco Tuesday Menu
A custom menu for a special night. Enjoy taco's, enchilada's and some drinks while spinning your own records!
Brunotti Collection Book
Collection book style which has been rolled out for the 2020 harware collection.
Deus 2021 Swank Rally Biarritz
Every year Deus Ex Machina organises the Swank Rally at the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz. For the 10th anniversary of the event I had the opportunity to make the new artwork which was an absolute blast!
The Original Grill Master Gloves
A logo, glove design and resealable package was designed for the original Grill Master Glove. The design is retro inspired and given a new look and feel by using modern materials. Kevlar gloves!
T-shirt Artworks
40 Years Anniversary
A Brunotti campaign designed to celebrate it's 40th anniversary. The artwork is obviously made up out of the birth year of the brand. The composition captures alle the board sports, moods and message which Brunotti wanted to send out to all of you!
Some Advertisements that i've made to promote a new collection, key products and/or events.
A variety of artworks and logo's which have been used for different purposes, like t-shirt prints, socials posts, corporate identities and more.
Brunotti FW21 Outdoor Collection Book
A collection book for the fall/winter 2021 winter collection with images used from different shoots. The main purpose of the brochure is to show and sell the new collection in combination with a urban outside mood!
Youri Pro Kiteboard
Every year Brunotti brings out a twintip kiteboard range which have a new design with each collection. Underneath one of their best selling model.
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